Another half year of Norbert’s trainings passes

March 6, 2016 // Uncategorized

New information on the progress of our Pupil

 2016-01-17 11.34.10 was passed to us by his mother:
“Hello, another half year of Norbert’s trainings passes.The running track is helping us in the rehabilitation – it allows for the correction of the hips. Norbert bends his right hip inwards, which causes him to put his foot wrong. By correcting his walk I teach Norbert to shift the weight of the body, as he puts little weight on the right leg. Norbert also practices walking ith the use of a rear walking frame, furthermore we also intensively attend hippotherapy since August – less often now due to freezing weather, but until December we went 3-4 times a week. Norbert trains Makaton – I also bought “Mówik”. Talking is difficult,
there is also a problem with the right hand (we go to botox therapy). We will also be continuing hippotherapy – we were going there rarely earlier, but this therapy really calms Norbert, it is also an exercise for the pelvis and sense of balance, it is very recommended to him. Norbert has a new dog that he adores!” 2016-01-19 14.17.252016-01-16 10.51.00The parents still need support to continue Norbert’s rehabilitation. If you’d like to help Michałek in his everyday struggles, we give you the account number for donations regarding this charity collection: Alior Bank PL 54 2490 0005 0000 4600 7569 4568
Transfer title: “help for Norbert Łysiak – donation”.