Become a Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle or Aunt

February 1, 2016 // Uncategorized

We have launched a new opportunity within the Adoption of Heart program. Even today every one of You can become an Adoptive Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle or Aunt!
Details here:
Due to a lack of payments for the children, some of them have a debt. We try to verify the causes of such situations and the lack of payments for over a year, which is difficult looking at the fact that 2016-01-06 Magaoni Primery School-03073the participation of a parent in the adoption program is fully voluntary. We understand requests to extend the time limit, but we cannot always wait a year or longer. The problem is that both the children from Tanzania and Cameroon are funded “up front” – since the day of acceptance to the programme, from the funds of the foundation. The missionary needs them regularly, according to the local expenses. Therefore, in order to maintain the programme, it is required to refund the costs already paid by the Guardian (when a child receives one) even in case of joining the programme at a later date, or e.g. in the middle of the year. The costs covering education and care over the child are not “zeroed” with a new guardian and not every new Parent can afford
to cover outstanding payments. This is why we have made available a new option – as a Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt or Uncle you can make a single repayment of the debts of a particular child, to give them a chance for a new Parent thanks to a “clean slate” ;) In case of inability to find a substitutGrace-z-babcia_e guardian and no repayment of the debt, we will be forced to inform the child and their family that they will have to leave the programme.
Every aid is important. And its every kind is welcomed by us ;) Thank you for helping the children!

The list of children for current adoption and children with debt in the link below (updated regularly; the sums are displayed on the site):