Easter news from sister Alina 2016

March 27, 2016 // Uncategorized

Dear Families of the Have a Future Foundation!

I greet everyone most warmly in this festive time and send you the best Easter wishes. May the Risen Jesus penetrate our hearts with His light, may He brighten every darkness, heal our wounds, strengthen our hopes and fill us with love, so that we are the witnesses of His mercy. Wishing you truly joyous, full of family warmth of the time of Easter with the gift of prayer, at Your service sister Alina …and in Yaoundé it is hot, this year the dry season is truly dry, as there was no rain since November. Therefore it is hard due to a huge amount of dust after a heavy harmattan (sandstorm). Many people are ill due to breathing difficulties, we were not spared either… but since the Holy Week it started raining so it’s colder and well, the roofs are still leaking… 2016_yaounde_Wielkanoc pisankiWe began prayer visits with our kids during Lent in their homes. In the year of mercy, we pray together with a chaplet of Divine mercy with entire families at the opportunity of thehome visits. Some wait for us and experience it very emotionally, and in some homes the parents are absent as always… Those who are weaker in education still come to our mission for private lessons given by our sisters Rose and Adrienne. Whereas our students Francis and Bernard help the young, especially those who are facing exams soon. There’s less and less time, and the exam has to be passed. With our Dominican Youth we craft decades of the rosary. Thanks to this action the young can earn for a participation in a pilgrimage or the purchase of a group T-shirt. The young are very committed and the work is going well. In the parish, the final stages were underway to prepare our catechumens to receive the Holy Sacraments during the Easter Vigil. The group this year was 100 catechumens. A lot of work, but also a lot of joy and a request for prayer, so that they endure in the Divine Grace until the end of their life. It was truly beautiful, among the group were 13 kids under our care who received the sacraments of baptism and Eucharist – making the joy even greater. This time the parents of the kids were really committed to preparing the children for their great day. And they were present with the children together with their whole families on the Holy Mass possibly for the first time, accompanying them in that moment which is so important for them. As it is already a tradition, on Holy Saturday the kids were colouring and decorating Easter eggs… it’s their joy, some proudly returned home with the egg coloured by themselves, and some couldn’t resist and eagerly ate them after the meeting. Dear friends, the package with gifts from the Foundation has also arrived – thank you very much for the toothpastes and toothbrushes, as well as all the other gifts! The kids also received soap, so there was a lot of joy and happiness. In Cameroon it is still turbulent, on the north innocent people still die from the hands of the Islamic sect boko haram. In the centre and other regions of the country it is calmer, but the increased security remains in place. The capital is under particular supervision of the police and army. We still trust You with prayer for lasting peace. 2016_Wielkanoc_zyczneia dzieci podpisyAnd before us the great events of the anniversary year of 800 years of the Dominican Order. We will be experiencing the Dominican week during the first week of April with the participation of the entire Dominican family, i.e. sisters, brothers, consecrated secular members and the Dominican youth. Earlier the young traditionally participated in the prayer march. Now they are preparing a stage production of “The Hymn of Love”, which they will present during the celebration. Dear friends, I greet you all most warmly, thank you from our hearts for all help and gifts, we are always at your service and assure you of prayer in your intention. May the Merciful Father bless You and Your families in plenty.

Grateful from the heart, sister Alina