The Colour Run in Poznań – with our fundraiser for the children in Kenya

June 5, 2016 // Uncategorized

Kilometrydobra.p_TheColourRun_fot.K.Pacholski--12Thank you very much, runners!!! We haven’t had such colour craziness in the Foundation yet. Thank you for supporting the project of building a children’s home and raising funds during the Miles of Good, which is so important to us. Your energy helped us survive this hot day. Over 2000 people decided to add a zloty coin during the 3 hours of the final at Malta!

Kilometrydobra.p_TheColourRun fot.E.Gendera-8124Together with the Smile of Hope Association (Stowarzyszenie Uśmiech Nadziei) it was during the TCR that we organized the Poznań final of the campaign Miles of Good ( Even though the action lasted for over 3 months, and we joined it just for the finish – for a few weeks of May. We thank the Smile of Hope Association, in particular Maria Kopaszewska, for the cooperation in the final of the campaign, and the organizers of The Colour Run for the possibility of joining the run. Our Pupils also rushed to participate – both Miłek and Natalia finished the run in the company of exceptional Volunteers – Magda and Kinga.
Kilometrydobra.p_TheColourRun fot.E.Gendera-7992

It’s truly “the happiest 5 km on this planet!”, as TCR themselves write :) (TCR – The Colour Run)

We thank everyone once again: those standing, running, walking and riding. Particular thanks for the help in this day are deserved to (in random order :P): Kasia, Iza, Asia, Marlena, Jarek and Łukasz, and also Ewa Gendera, Marek Zywert and Krzysztor Pacholski for a wonderful souvenir in the form of pictures.

Picture gallery – below, and the complete gallery on our Facebook  A part of the pictures can also be found in this post:

If you’d like to support the construction of the children’s home in Kenya, we provide the account number for you today:

Have a Future Foundation, ul. Młyńska 45, 62- 070 Konarzewo Alior Bank PL 44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899 Transfer title: “children’s home in Kenya – donation”

Account in EURO: PL69 2490 0005 0000 4600 1195 6471 SWIFT / BIC CODE OF ALIOR BANK: ALBPPLPW

If you have the possibility to support us not only for specific actions – set 20-30 zł as a regular monthly transfer, with the title “for the realization of statutory goals”. Help regularly and guarantee stability for the children :)

You can find the children whom we are helping during this campaign in our film from a picnic trip:

You can find the details of the project and the story of the children on our site:

For Those Interested – what is the Miles of Good Campaign?


The primary goal of the campaign is the collection of funds for goals set by partner organizations. At the same time, we prove that more can be achieved by working together than by one person. There are many good reasons to help, therefore we cooperate with organizations that collect money for: social goals, sport, culture, education, environment, church. If you decide to aid those who need it with your coin, it is guaranteed that your money is well spent – it is you who chooses the type of aid, the organization you help as well as the goal you support.

Why “Miles of Good”?
“Good”, because the primary message of the action is help for those in need. All gathered funds will reach specific partner organizations and will be spent on their goals. “Miles”, because for several days before the final of the campaign, the organizations change the money they gathered during 3 months for 1 zloty coins and arrange them into lines. In this way we prove that good can be measured. An additional attraction is the attempt to beat a Guinness record. Partner organizations of Miles of Good leave behind competition and line up good together. To achieve a record, we need 75 km. Every zloty counts, you can add it even during the final. If you do that, you become part of a global charitable campaign and you participate in beating a record.