Account from our meeting with Sister Missionary already available on our blog!

June 22, 2013 // News

Children of Africa – facts and myths and Adoption of a Heart Program

On Saturday 22th June we had an almost 2 hour talk with Sister Missionary about children, support and the conditions ‘over there’ – with Sister Alina Sędzimir, a S. Dominic Sister Missionary.

This afternoon uncovered before us the true and heartful stories of Sister Alina and the absorbing stories of the children: a little girl called Paulina that is always full of happiness; a rezolute Grace; Steve who got a room after his uncle; Tatiana – a young student with great perspectives; the always curious Junior; Fabrica – the master of jigsaws; a talented Henry and a musically gifted Bernard among many other chidren in her care.

You can read more about the meeting and look at the pictures taken that day on our blog about the missions:

And soon enough we will be organising charity auctions of the things brought from Cameroon and we will have a live talk from Sister Alina about the situation that the adoptive children and the children of Africa are really in. The talk will be accompanied by a slideshow.

spotkanie z s.Alina