Bertrand will have a job thanks to you? We support entrepreneurship.

January 20, 2018 // Uncategorized

Bertrand visited sister Alina. He is a graduate from the bricklayer-welder’s high school. As a very ambitious young man, he decided to continue his education by receiving a bachelor’s diploma in building and desing engineering. He would really like to stay where he is to help his siblings who are still learning. Unfortunately, in this particular place he is unable to find a job in the field he is interested in. Looking forward, Bertrand wants to get a Master’s degree. However, he doesn’t want to use our help anymore feeling independly enough to start living on his own. He still has the last request.
He can start his own business. But, as we all know, is not that easy. First of all, he needs some equipment and tools. The basic staff needed to open this kind of service point, he dreams about, all together cost over 600 EUROS. Usually, the cost is twice as large. However Bertrand managed to find used equipment in good condition.
He already has half of this amount, but he still needs another half (300 EUROS). Thats way he’s asking for help for the last time.
If there is a person who would like to support Bertrand in efforts to start a business – please contact us —, title “tools for Bertrand”.
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Title: “Bertrand, KY34 – narzędzia – darowizna”