This spring – buy a blanket to keep kids warm!


I’m downloading this poster to send and share with others! 

My Friends may also help and buy a blanket and bedding this spring!
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Today we say STOP!

Lets give them a small but life-changing gift this spring!
With your help – we can keep them warm!
I want to buy
a blanket and bedding for a little one!

I am donating 10 EUR or £8.20!


 £ 8.20 € 10

These payments will be used to buy 160×200 cm blankets with a set of cotton sheets (to facilitate the maintenance of hygiene). This spring and summer we will pass the sets to the poorest children living in Yaounde, Cameroon, and Kigera Etuma, Tanzania.
Currently we need 90 sets.
The more donations we receive, the more sets we can provide.

Detailed information about the collection of funds and the transfer of spring gifts for children will appear on this page. Join us and help!

Buy a blanket and stay tuned all the way to the heart of Africa!


poster thanks to Interactive Agency 813

It’s Easter and we can see snow outside the window…

But with a simple cup of hot tea and a sofa with a warm blanket or a fluffy coverlet, the cold outside is no longer an issue to us…

But for someone out there it’s an issue every night. They have nothing to keep them warm when the legs and back are freezing, and their weakened body is attacked by malaria. More often than not, the malaria wins. 

They sleep on beds made of grass, branches, twigs, or on the bare earth with coil rags or clothes for a pillow.

Children in Africa.

miejsce spania
Sleeping surface in Cameroon
 miejsce noclegowe Kigera Etuma
Sleeping surface in Kigera Etuma (most of the children)
 miejsce spania Pauline i Christine
Sleeping surface: Christine 7 years & Pauline 5 years; Cameroon
 miejsce do spania Zambia
Sleeping surface in Northern Zambia
 spanie na ziemii
Sleeping surface in Africa


















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