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In August 2012 we started an adoption program in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon.

The education costs there are higher than in other parts of the country, that is why we really need help.

The missionary outpost in Cameroon’s capital city Yaounde is in the process of being created. The institution started in October 2011 and there are three Dominican Sisters working there, two of whom are from Poland.

A large group of children started education in September 2012 despite lack of Adopting Parents as of 1st September.

The funds for the first semester were taken form the mission’s finances for other goals.

They need to be paid back to the mission when each Child has their own Adopting Parent.

Due to the fact that children start school in September, half of the fee should be paid for the year 2012 regardless of the date of the adoption. In 2013 a full fee should be paid.

Student’s fees are calculated individually according to the university they are going to attend.

Please read the letter we have received from sister Alina who runs the program in Yaounde and read about the adoption costs in Cameroon below the letter.

Cost of Adoption of children from Yaounde, Cameroon:
Kindergarten children and primary school children: 200 EUR per year (16.70 EUR a month)
High school children: 250 EUR per year (20.90 EUR a month)

Please read the information on Adoption of the Heart page. You can find there important information about payment dates, the adoption itself, possibility of correspondence with a child and other information.

If you have decided to become a Parent or if you haven’t found the information you need on our pages, please contact us at:


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