Ceremonial handover of a vehicle to the Tanzanian Fire and Rescue Service in Butiama

April 20, 2022 // News

Today is a fantastic celebration that we have been waiting months for. 20 April 2022 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of Julius Nyerere, who was just from Butiama. He is Tanzania’s most celebrated figure and its undoubted hero, one of the few leaders who, in his lifetime, bloodlessly united the tribes scattered around the country into a common State.
Julius was born on 13 April 1922 in Butiama, in what was then still called Tanganyika, and came a long way from being a schoolboy who started at the age of 12 in nearby Musoma, through secondary school, becoming a teacher, then obtaining a 1949 government scholarship and studying in Edinburgh as the first British university student to come from Tanganyika. On his return home he continued his modest teaching career, but at the same time became involved in politics and social movements. He created the African National Union of Tanganyika and under his leadership, the organisation pushed for peaceful methods of struggle for independence and also advocated racial harmony, social equality, rejection of tribalism and all forms of racial or ethnic discrimination. In 1955 and 1956, Julius Nyerere gave speeches before the UN assembly in New York.

You can read more about it and its interesting history HERE (click).

With festive celebrations and representatives from all national organisations present, the handover of the fire engine and its dedication took place. Representatives of the Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that the terms of the contract had been fulfilled – including the construction of a garage/village and a water tank – in order to finalise the contract and formally receive the truck. As with most major events and of a State nature, the ceremony was accompanied by singing, special speeches, words of thanks and enthusiasm shared by all.
The fire engine was also consecrated and the symbol of the handover was the cutting of the ribbon – to the general delight of the assembled officials and residents. Thank you for your cooperation and joint activities.

We continue to support in equipping the truck to the end with the necessary equipment, replenishing the fire station’s supplies, supporting the widow and children of the tragically deceased firefighter, and preparing for a series of training sessions and workshops in Tanzania.