Charles and Jane in the children’s clinic – examinations, diagnoses, planned treatments

May 26, 2021 // News

Charles was abandoned in his early childhood, for he is disabled. The family didn’t want to have a child with cerebral palsy, for they considered that the custody of him was beyond their strength. For eleven years, Regina has been his mother, who doesn’t evaluate the family’s attitude. Sometimes, giving up a child is a better solution and greater act of love than keeping them… We don’t know the exact situation of the mother, the place where she lived, but we know that she didn’t have any support. She wasn’t able to provide him the caring and rehabilitation which he needs for everyday functioning. Especially looking at children with disabilities from a
Western perspective.

Jane – has a very similar history, although, with a more extended and sadder beginning – she was forced to beg in the streets.

Today they have been taken to the mission hospital in Kijabbe, where there is only one hospital in Kenya with the best specialist in bones, joints, and palsies.

Charles has received hand splints and put on a waiting list for two surgeries on both legs. One leg will be operated on within two months, and when everything heals up, he will get better – the next leg will be operated on. These two operations will allow him to walk at home independently, and his hands help him with self-feeding. Both activities are unfeasible for now.

Jane has successfully done all her examinations, but a neurological consultation was urgently requested. The talk is needed because there is perhaps a treatment or medicines to set her brain to coordinate her arms and hands better. She still uses her feet for writing and eating, but we are searching for solutions to the challenges she encounters every day.

In the photo, we see Charles after the visit – that smile of appreciation we have received from Charles says it all, even if he cannot speak the traditional way :)

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