Children from Diani – purchases from donated funds intended for food .

August 2, 2020 // News

Food package 2020 also has helped in Diani, where hunger has knocked on many doors. Lakrisha’s deaf family, Vivianne’s and Hellen’s family (two student girls from the Likoni area) were among them. They haven’t had daily food rations for many days.

Just like other families, they have also done shopping from the financial resources given by Karolina during their meeting. More details here:

The girls dreamed about…coca-cola. The mom decided to gratify this one only whim during shopping for the next few weeks.

We see the leading products such as corn flour, oil, and beans, looking into the wardrobes and the shopping lists. Unfortunately, on July 19, Hellen suffered a severe ankle injury when a tuk-tuk ran down her leg. Therefore, part of the received funds covered hospital visit, injections, outpatient care, and anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medicines. We wish her good health.