Children under our care

Here are the children under our care: the program Adoption of the Heart or other programs in Poland and Africa.

Children from Africa – Adoption of the Heart (sponsoring a child), and ill or handicapped children in Poland whom we help on a daily basis.

For the details about each program please click on the respective photo.

We invite you to read about their stories.


School children form missionary outpost in Yaounde in Cameroon


Orphans and half-orfans from care center Mji Wa Huruma,
pre-school and Kigera Etuma village in Tanzania


 Ola_Fundacja Maja Przyszlosc

Miłosz Bronisz
A boy under the care of the Foundation since the 4th edition of the Charitable Campain “Brides take over Poznan for an ill little one” (Polish: “Panny Młode podbijają Poznań dla chorego Malucha”)


Aleksandra Śledź
A little girl under the Foundation’s care since 2013.
We are working together towards her well-being.



Tymoteusz Siwiński
Born three months too early – in November 2012.
Entering life and therapy with our help.


Norbert Łysiak
A boy under our care since 2013.
He welcomes every day with smile, even the challenging ones.


 Kacper Jung-icz  
 Kacper Jungiewicz
He become one of the children under the care of our Foundation and specifically of the Brides Campaign in Tricity 2013!