Children’s and youth underwear, socks and accommodation support

March 12, 2022 // News

Days are passing, but the situation in the country is not calming down. Thanks to the support of local communities and many Poles, the fate of the victims of the warfare who have arrived from Ukraine is not clearly determined. We are looking for premises, temporary work, schools.

People from Ukraine have been temporarily housed with the people who cooperate with the foundation; we try to provide them with the basics and, above all, to familiarise them with their stay in Poland, to change and, ultimately, to make them independent for the duration of their stay in our country. We help them find Polish language classes, books in Ukrainian, online schools for continuing education in their national learning system and language. We also delivered another tranche of in-kind donations of underwear, pyjamas and socks to the place of their temporary residence in Poznań.