Christmas wishes from a mission in Cameroon

December 23, 2020 // News

We encourage you to read the wishes from Sr. Alina from the mission in Cameroon. There is also information about the passing year. 

Yaounde, 29.11.2020

Dear Benefactors

With all my heart, I warmly greet you from Yaounde! I hope that despite tough times in Europe, there is no lack of daily joys and hopes. 

The time passes very quickly, December is around the corner, so I am writing what’s up with us. It is a time of the full dry season in Cameroon after the long abundant rainy season this year. We have real heat and a lot of dust. Thank God life is back to normal. The schools, universities are functioning normally since October. Our pupils have done the first exams, and now we are waiting for their results. We thank God for the successful Barbara’s operation. We thank all who helped to finance the heart surgery. Without it, the girl couldn’t survive. She currently regains strength and doesn’t take medicines anymore. She can return to school after Christmas. Since October 2019, she has had a recess regarding her health condition. Thanks to the help, we could purchase mattresses for a few families where the children slept on the floor. In the wet season, it is the cause of getting malaria. For, in September, we have the opportunity of visiting many of our pupils’ families to get to know their home environment. Most of them live in considerable poverty…

In the catechetical field, as every year, many are catechized. This time we have 530 people, children, youth, and adults, who are preparing to receive the sacraments. As always, it is a great joy and massive work so that everything could function fine. This year our catechists have undertaken the mission of visiting the sick to bring them the Lord Jesus in Holy Communion. They have been prepared for it. We purchased them Burses so they could worthily carry Jesus to the sick. 

Our parish house where we live is falling apart more and more. After every wet season, it is seen that it needs renovating. Therefore, we are waiting with hope that this year, It starts constructing a real house with a formation center for children and youth. We have finally received the purchased land deed after many years of waiting and walking after documents. Now the request in the commune has been made about the last permit needed to start work on the site. First, we want to ring-fence the area. And we are seeking help to continue the construction. We are counting on each aid, hoping for the chance of its realization. 

Dear friends, on the occasion of the upcoming Christmas, I wish you the trust of Mary, that the newborn Jesus would fill our hearts with new hope and strengthen our faith. 

I wish You family Christmas full of warmth, with prayerful communication and remembrance

Sr. Alina