Clean sheets, towels and their common denominator with the “Light for Ukraine” concert

March 3, 2022 // News

Resources don’t last forever and needs change. We spent the day discussing what is currently most urgent and in short supply and, using the funds paid to fulfil our statutory objectives, we bought towels, blankets and bedding.

We donated all of this to the helpdesk at Ratajczaka 20 in Poznań, run by the Social Emergency Service, to give families a substitute for normality. We had the opportunity to talk to the families while they were on duty sorting the products, and experienced the full range of emotions – from mental breakdown, through resignation and doubt, to light at the end of the tunnel and hope and the joy of a night without a bomb alarm.

The donations serve those in greatest need, who have arrived here with the possessions of a lifetime in their child’s school backpack.

In the evening, together with several of the foundation’s volunteers, we appeared at the ‘Light for Ukraine’ concert at Poznań’s Freedom Square, which is part of the ‘Poznań for Ukraine’ action.

Poznań for Ukraine is a series of cultural events accompanied by real aid, i.e. collections of blood, clothes and money (tickets, donations to cans). On Thursday, the ‘Light for Ukraine’ concert was held.

During this grassroots event, the Poznan music community invited the city’s residents to attend a concert at Freedom Square. On stage appeared: Małgorzata Ostrowska, Peja, Paluch, Bibobit, Rosalie, Muchy, donGURALesko, Michał Kowalonek, Kasia Wilk, Mezo, Luna, Gonzo and Pola Chobot & Adam Baran.

Donations in kind were successfully made to the cans. Thank you for a very special evening!