Clothing and toys for children and young people living at the Arena in Poznań

April 21, 2022 // News

In the newly established temporary accommodation for people from Ukraine, children have started to show up. It has been reported to us that most of them have no clothes and the entertainers lack toys or games. Because we receive toys, books and games in kind donations that require Polish language skills, they do not go to Africa or Asia. We usually direct them to orphanages and hospital wards in Poland. The pandemic blocked this possibility for us too, because the transfer of donations from outside was stopped – especially in hospitals. Thus, we were able to donate clothes for the little ones and just educational toys, building blocks and books to the Arena, so that volunteers have the tools to work with children absorbing every novelty like sponges.

Thank you to everyone who has donated in-kind gifts over the past 2 years, so that we could share some of them. For their help in preparing the donations – sorting, cleaning and transporting them, we thank Anita, Agnieszka and Mark ;)