Decision from MAC – we can also help children in Poland!

January 14, 2013 // News

We’ve got a wonderful New Year’s gift from the Ministry of Administration and Digitization!

They have made a decision about our Foundation’s charitable actions for children in Poland.
Now we can not only help children in Africa (decision dated 6.12.2012) but help children under the Foundation’s care in Poland as well!

As we are obliged by law, we set up a special bank account for the public money collection for this purpose.
If you want to help children in Poland, please use is the following bank account:
Alior Bank PL 54 2490 0005 0000 4600 7569 4568

We encourage you to set up a direct debit – to help for the entire year!

The funds will be used for the benefit of handicapped and chronically ill children, and children suffering from incurable diseases, it will also go to care facilities, medical and educational institutions in Poland, by covering the costs of:

  • therapy, physiotherapy, medical treatment, and purchase of physiotherapy equipment,
  • renovation of homes and purchase of equipment supporting daily life of handicapped people in their home environment, such as rearranging the shower, staircase, building a ramp for wheelchairs, purchase chairs for the shower cubicle, rails, handrails, and other medically justified equipment,
  • purchase of school aids and devices,
  • food aid, i.e. purchase of food and other items to be used in conjunction with food (such as bowls or containers)
  • health prophylaxis, purchase of hygienic products and substantial help.

LINK to the letter from MAiC (in Polish)

Miłek at the event “The Brides 2012” that we organized for him