Delivering food to children from Jinja – it is a joy when there is food for everybody

November 8, 2020 // News

When a child laughs, the whole world laughs. We have been trying to support Jinja’s outpost  since 2019. We don’t run the permanent Heart Adoption as opposed to Angola, Nepal, or Bolivia. However, we support them collectively. Thirty-four children stayed at this orphanage last year,  we bought them boots for Christmas 2019. At this moment the number of children living there  equals fifty.

In October, we provided emergency assistance in the form of funds intended for purchasing food. It was possible only thanks to your payments for food packages. We are much obliged to you,  and warmly thank you. We know for sure that we want to sustain the campaign at least until  spring 2021. Thus, we will provide essential food for the children. We see the enjoyment in the  photos thanks to Your support. A few weeks without hunger is a reason for laughing and  celebrating.  The food supplies aroused general cheerfulness ;) 


Willem and Anett, our coordinators, focused on purchasing wholesale dry food because they  wanted to use funds optimally and provide a regular daily meal as long as they could. The  children participated actively in preparing food for storing. They also assisted in making the first  meal in weeks, which is sufficient for everybody. Exceptionally, the children were allowed to  drink beverages other than boiled (usually not cleaned) water. Soon, we will make a post on how to source the water there. 

Today we invite you to the joyful Jinja ;)