Francis has finished the internship with a commendation. The Adoption of The Heart works!

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Francis, one of our pupils from Kenya is a student of management after having completed anthropology studies earlier. Very early in spring we asked to support him with a sum of 120 EURO in relation to the internship. Mrs Agnieszka wrote to us within a few days and together with her husband financed Francis’ internship. We are immensely grateful for this gift.

Below are letters from Francis with information about the internship itself as well as after it. The scholarship programme Adoption of The Heart really works. Educated, they can find work and are no longer recipients of aid. Now Francis will provide for his family and educate them, and his life will definitely be different than of his illiterate parents. It may be happier, because less hungry – this is all in Francis’ hands, but at least he has a choice. Older generations did not.

Francis finished the internship with a commendation, which makes us immensely happy and proud. We also already know that he made a very good impression in one of the companies and will most likely have a job there after the studies :) Congratulations! 

The school sent him to 8 (eight) companies to test all this knowledge in practice and rate him. It will allow the companies and us to become familiar with one another. For this reason, he also had to pay a sum of 80000 FCFA = 120 euro to be accepted for the internship, which he needed to work in these companies (3 in Douala, 1 in Edea, 4 in Limbe).

Letter about the internship:

“Dear family, the internship for which I’m leaving is an academic internship. We’re 40 students altogether. The rotation will be: Douala-Yaounde; Douala-Limbe; Douala-Edea. The distance between Douala-Yaounde is 201,62 km and the distance between Douala-Edea is 66 km, and finally the distance Douala-Limbe is 71 km.
We will be staying in motels paid by the school. It’s the interns’ commision which is responsible to find motels located near the workplaces.
In each of the structures or companies, we will be working with Financial Consultants (RAF) and the Accounting (COM.M). Now, each student needs to have their equipment needed to work in the company, that is appointment books and document briefcases, which cost 120 euro. The documents I need to prepare are: OPD (Various Operations); DRF (Request For Financial Repayment); BiDA (Bank IDA); ACL (Local Purchases). We spend 1 or 2 days in each company according to the rotation order of each student, which lasts a week and a half. Our work consists of working on accounting and balance sheets in consultation with financial resources, income and expenditure for each month from January to March. 
That’s more or less everything about the companies in question. Thank you for the benevolence you have shown me. Thank you very much and I send you my best regards.

francis-prowadzi-korepetycja-dla-uczniow-szkol-srednich-fundacja-maja-przyszloscAnd here is the letter after the internship:

“Greetings, dear family!
The heavens have given me another occasion to share my news with you and ask for yours. I write this letter to you in a spirit of joy and satisfaction. I hope that you are in good health, whatever the climate surrounding you at the moment.
Here, we are doing fine. It is the rainy season and it rains nearly every evening in the capital city of Yaounde. We celebrated Easter well. Afterwards, we had been invited for the celebration of the 800 Years Anniversary of the existence of the Dominican Order… But unfortunately, it was on the same days as my academic internship. It took place in the economic capital, that is Douala, as well as Limbe at sea and Edea, which is located between Douala and Yaounde. It lasted a week and a half: that is (10) ten days. My task was to make financial reports based on travel orders of each employee. According to them, the documents I wrote about in the previous letter were created. The internship went well and I’m awaiting references from the different companies I worked in. At the moment, I’ve returned to learn for new courses and subjects and prepare for the second year. And as for my other activities, I keep preparing the younger students for their BEPC exams on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Thank you for your enormous contribution to let us participate in the WYD in Poland. However, we’re still waiting to receive the visas from the Embassy. We pray very much for that. I will inform you if we receive any new information.
My beloved ones, please accept my deepest gratitude.
My best regards to you!


The only shadow in the recent weeks was the fact that due to the negligence of an official (lost documents) Francis did not receive his much longed-for visa to come to Poland for World Youth Day. We were unable to meet him, but we will try to get more information about our students soon.

In moments when relatively small costs appear suddenly, it is more difficult to ask for help. Sometimes it is a matter of hours – like in the case of deciding for an internship or e.g. helping finance a child’s treatment in hospital, transporting a disabled child, sending a package of valuable gifts or insuring volunteers on a charity action.

In such cases, stable funds in the organisation are very helpful.
A 10-20 zł transfer set for a day of the month which is comfortable for the Donor.

If you can set 20 zł as a stable monthly transfer “For the realisation of statutory goals – donation” – we will be immensely grateful to you. We use these funds in situations when organizing an action, fund-raiser or project is not an option and the matter is urgent or in situations when a lack of funds for smaller matters makes it impossible for us to collect or generate a bigger sum of money from our activities for the Pupils’ needs.

Information for regular transfer (it can be set on the bank account of any bank):
Have a Future Foundation
ul. Młyńska 45
62-070 Konarzewo
Alior Bank: 65 2490 0005 0000 4520 4418 9818
Transfer title: “donation for the realisation of statutory goals”
Sum of 10 – 15 – 20 zł (or depending on your decision)
/all donations can be substracted in annual PIT/CIT tax returns/

We will even allow ourselves to request to write to us after 3-4 months if the lack of 10-20 zł is really noticeable. If at the end of the month you have thoughts “if I didn’t donate, it would have been easier for me now” or “this sum does actually make a difference in the family budget”, “I regret” – I would really like to read whether it is so. Maybe. We do not know.
Definitely write to us how do you feel with a regular transfer:

Perhaps you have an organisation which feels closer to your heart – helps animals or is active in environmental issues – set a regular transfer of 10 zł for them. It definitely won’t harm them :)