Handing over purchased food (part 2) to children from Dakshikel and Dakshinkali. Nepal

October 18, 2020 // News

The next day of delivering food packages for children and their parents. This time for two  villages – Dakshikel and Dakshinkali in Nepal. It was possible because the restrictions have  partly been lifted, and the help could reach higher, up to the mountains. Everyone interested  gathered in one place. The localization was prepared when it comes to security issues – keeping  distance, hand disinfection, and wearing masks.

Everyone present got a set of food packages, just like the children from Pharping, which we wrote about here:  


The funds for these purchases are given by our Donors – both through the store and directly to  the bank account.  

Each family is very grateful! The payments and food rescue their lives. The famine lowers  immunity, which level isn’t the highest even during the virus-free periods. Thank You for sharing the appeal and inform about it the acquaintances. Thanks to this, we can reach people who are  willing to share the good because their situation is stable. 

Several children from Nepal still need an Adoptive Parent urgently. 

Annual care cost equals USD 340. 

Supriya, Bishal, Rubina, Purnima, Sanchit, Monika, Rajani, Sujita – they are waiting for you or  your close person who can help together with you.  

Co-adoption is also possible! 


Gratefully on behalf of our team, the children who received food and their families,

Agnieszka –  the President of Foundation “Have a Future”. 


How can I make a payment of PLN 100 or the multiple of this amount for the food package? There are two possibilities. 

Fundacja Mają Przyszłość Alior Bank:
PLN : 44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899
IBAN PL44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899

EUR: 69 2490 0005 0000 4600 1195 6471
IBAN PL69 2490 0005 0000 4600 1195 6471

Transfer title: “food package – donation” (Polish: „paczka żywnościowa – darowizna”)



The detailed information about the package + the article about the situation in Global South


In the news on our website, you can also view photos documenting parcels’ delivery in other  countries of Africa and Asia.