Husseini from Tanzania

January 19, 2016 // News


Husseini is our Pupil in Tanzania. We have got to know each other through e-mail, but the time has come for our volunteers to meet him in person.

He came under our wings at the beginning of September, when – after a bit of delay – thanks to our support and the intervention of a person close to him, he joined a secondary school with a high level of teaching. It is a boarding school, therefore the costs are different than in a public school. However, Husseini proved that he wants to and can study very well and wishes to become an engineer. He is a very diligent and perseverant boy who, despite the lack of support from his family and lack of understanding from his environment, perseveringly works towards his goal that are his dreamed studies.

Husseini wants to study in Poland very much. He has heard and read a lot about engineering studies in our country. We have decided that if he manages to pass the year with the best grades in St. Matthews and at the same time receives a favourable opinion of the Ministry of Education in his country and convinces the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to accept him during the summer period of university recruitment and granting scholarships, we will think together how to help him further.

For now, however, we are waiting for the results of the first semester and we will see if his self-confidence and determination allowed him to achieve results he dreams of and for which he worked hard. The cost of a semester in a boarding school (besides the curriculum and lessons, also books, necessary items including several sets of clothes and shoes; accommodation, food, “laboratory” classes, i.e. additional hours of working with a teacher, access to the library and computer room) is 1000 USD. Hussein is still searching for 2-3 Adoptive Parents who would help him in this school year.

If you would like to support our Pupil, we request you to contact us: