Information on funds coming from 1% for 2017

December 29, 2018 // News

Being entrusted by another person is a very rewarding and obliging feeling.

We feel all the more grateful and obliged to further working for children, when so many Donors – Taxpayers place their trust in us.


It was the first time that we took advantage of the PBI (Public Benefit Institution) status obtained in November 2017. We’ve been given trust by a lot of “taxpayers – donors”. Thanks to them, since November 2018 in our charity actions we’ve been able to tap into funds collected from 1% for 2017.

You have donated for our Pupils a remarkable sum of PLN 29,005.

We are grateful, happy and we owe you.

Thank you for this special year.

A year full of excitement and many accomplished and continued projects. We are grateful for the response and all sorts of help that you were able to offer.

We will do our best to meet expectations in the upcoming 2019 :)

To you and our Volunteers we wish, above all, health for this 2019!
Agnieszka and the Council of the Foundation Have a Future