A trailer for the Brides 2022 charity event for Fabian!

Let’s experience it again! Have fun together with us by watching the trailer from the…

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Talk on Radio Plus about PM2013 Campaign – the first steps!

About the medicine that might be available soon and about helping in a very special…

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Hundreds of our Bridesmaids volunteers on WEDWOJE.pl

This year’s PM2013 event will be under WEDWOJE.pl patronage.

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Trojmiasto Brides for Kacper

Kacper suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is the most serious kind of the muscular…

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Bake & Sweet – Baker and Sweet Sector Magazine

Invited by Expo Sweet EZIG Organisers we had an opportunity to visit the 5th Jubilee…

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Foundation and the Brides Campaign in Good Morning TVN

We were invited by Anna Maruszeczko, the TV presenter from Zielone Drzwi and TVN Foundation,…

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Onet TV

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TVP.pl wiadomości

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Movie Trailer – Our volunteers in Campaign for Miłek

We are very happy to present you the trailer of the movie showing our 2012…

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TVN 24

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WTK – Gość wieczoru (wywiad TV)

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ESKA Radio- “Our Brides’ Party” got 1212 likes!

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