Kitchen in Pharping, we want to do shopping in order to make providing food for hungry children in Nepal possible.

July 30, 2016 // News

Sumanta TamangWe received a powerful letter and request from a Pole – Mrs Aleksandra, who works on a mission in Nepal. We therefore pass it to you, allowing you to decide whether this project is worthy of a donation – even as small as 10-20 złotych. Or deciding for an adoption of the heart.

“I have been maintaining an education and care establishment in Nepal for 4-5 years. So far, I have financed the aid for Nepalese children in need myself (I am a resident in Nepal), but I can no longer afford it, especially that the children are growing up – their needs are bigger, they eat more (and we feed them twice a day) and essentially all my savings went for aid immediately after the earthquake in April and May 2015. Under our care are children between 2 and 15 years old. Our establishment serves two hot meals a day, employs a cook-babysitter, 3 teachers. It is open from 7 AM to 6 PM. It is a second home for the children. They eat and learn here, are dressed, washed and have medical care. After the last year’s earthquake people suffer from starvation even more. The mortality is high, including children. On the streets of Kathmandu there were approx. 30,000 of them, now there are about 100,000 children of the street. Kids are being used to work.
In Nepal there is no free healthcare, social support or even free education… even though officially public schools are free, similarly to all African countries, in practice it is necessary to pay for school uniforms, shoes, books… many children do not go to school because they are simply too poor.
During the earthquake we helped about 500 children altogether, organizing immediate medical aid and providing food, clothes, tents and blankets… everything we were able to give and the sponsors from Poland had sent us.” 

We decided to accept a part of the students to the adoption programme and since 2016 they have joined our Pupils. Unfortunately, the lack of funds for education is not the only obstacle thrown under their feet.
The kitchen and dining room equipment is also an issue, and it is the only place where the children are able to have a hot meal. However, the sanitary conditions are not safe neither for preparing food, nor for storing and providing it. Because of the increasing number of children in the establishment there is also a lack of basic items such as plates or mugs.

“In order for us to provide meals and do it economically, for 1 cooking there need to be several basic items such as mugs, plates, a larger pressure cooker for cooking rice, a large pot for meals, a bigger pan, 1 dining table and a sitting bench. If it was possible to buy, a proper dryer for washed dishes – instead of a yellow crate which usually lies on the floor. Any kind of kitchen sink at the wall is a dream – at the moment, there is a tap like on the picture. Although having water makes us incredibly happy. Rice is the basis for nourishment, and we cooked it quickly and it remained hot for a long time in the pressure cooker. Unfortunately, it broke. One with 8 litre capacity is needed – I attach a picture to show what is it like – it can be purchased locally. There are some really great ones here from India – it will serve for 10 years or more.”




A new kitchen will cost about 1200 zł, for which will be bought, among others:

• Pressure cooker for cooking rice

• Pans

• Table and chairs, as well as dishes allowing to serve food for several dozen children

• Dish dryer

• Kitchen sink for washing dishes

Arun Libi

If you want to help create a new kitchen for our pupils, here is the account number:

Fundacja Mają Przyszłość
ul. Młyńska 45
62-070 Konarzewo

Alior Bank account number:  44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899 Transfer title: „kitchen in Nepal – donation”
/all donations can be subtracted in annual PIT/CIT tax returns/

On the picture – Arun – in the namaste greeting gesture.


If you are interesting in a long-term adoption of a child from Pharping – familiarize yourself with the page:
and write to us: 

Requests for help in sums of 300-1500 zł appear in our mail very often. Sometimes they are urgent – such as aid for a child in hospital or purchase of nourishment for someone starving. In such cases, stable funds in the organization are very helpful.
A 10-20 zł transfer set for a day of the month which is comfortable for the Donor.
We would then announce requests and appeals for additional funds for those in need less often – as there would be reserves for it.

If you can set 20 zł as a stable monthly transfer “For the realisation of statutory goals – donation” – we will be immensely grateful to you. We use these funds in situations when organizing an action, fund-raiser or project is not an option and the matter is urgent or in situations when a lack of funds for smaller matters makes it impossible for us to collect or generate a bigger sum of money from our activities for the Pupils’ needs. Information for regular transfer (it can be set on the bank account of any bank):

Have a Future Foundation
ul. Młyńska 45
62-070 Konarzewo
Alior Bank: 65 2490 0005 0000 4520 4418 9818
Transfer title: “donation for the realisation of statutory goals”
Sum of 10 – 15 – 20 zł (or depending on your decision)
/all donations can be subtracted in annual PIT/CIT tax returns/

We will even allow ourselves to request to write to us after 3-4 months if the lack of 10-20 zł is really noticeable. If at the end of the month you have thoughts “if I didn’t donate, it would have been easier for me now” or “this sum does actually make a difference in the family budget”, “I regret” – I would really like to read whether it is so. Maybe. We do not know.
Definitely write to us how do you feel with a regular transfer:

Perhaps you have an organisation which feels closer to your heart – helps animals or is active in environmental issues – set a regular transfer of 10 zł for them. It definitely won’t harm them :)