Sewing machines for Ines and Natacha. We support entrepreneurship.

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In 2012 two girls joined to our programme. They were only a few years old then. In the primary school, they studied  hard and didn’t skip the classes. Their families remembered how importnat the school is. Unfortunately, huge enthusiasm and family’s support could not have affected negligence from the very beginnings of education, which made them very difficult after graduating from high school. They could not find themselves in mathematics and science – science is not their strong point. Here’s the question: shouldn’t we help them anymore? How can we help them? What will be with them?


Being teenageer without school is extremely difficult. Person like this becomes addicted to the help of others and loses self-esteem and stays alone, very often landing on the street.

We have decided to transfer them to another school. They will still continue to study learn general subjects, but in tailoring. If someone ever wants to see a child bloom in front of his eyes and gain confidence in his own strength – these are the stories. They were no longer the weakest in the class. They could demonstrate their skills and do something they are interested in beyond learning.

The last 3 years they were studying in a vocational school, which finished with the good grades and having a specific job. They already have their first clients. However, a school year is over the same as the access to the machines. Here strais appeared – how to sew, improve skills and learn?

Foundation tries not to give gifts and ready-made solutions, we want to give a fishing rod. That’s why we launched the program for tailors – we have bought sewing machines for the girls. This is only half of the gift on the occasion of gain new skills at school and at private dressmakers.

Half of the machines’s value has to be returned by each one of them within one year from the money earned in the profession. In this way they will help another tailor graduate and fund the machine together. The rules will remain unchanged for subsequent eager students. The cost of one machine is 120 EUROS.


If you can help and fund such a machine or contribute partly to its purchase, we will be extremely obliged.


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