Missionary wishes for Christmas 2018

December 25, 2018 // News

The followings are a few words from the missionaries and the clerks to our Donors for children both from Poland and from the countries of the Global South. In this festive time, it is worth finding a moment and filling your head and heart with good thoughts.


Christmas 2018

Dear Donors!

I greet you very warmly in this new school and catechistic year. I am writing a little bit ahead of time, because one of our sisters, who is in charge of mission, together with Mother General they are coming for visitation. Hence the letters will be sent ahead in order to reach the recipients before Christmas. Thank you all for each and every prayer and donation for mission, because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t be able to live, work and help here to the best of our abilities.

We are both still in the rented house in the capital, full of hope that the beginning of the construction of our house and a community center for children will take place this school year. Things are going very slowly, but we see it possible. As for now we have to have the roof of our house changed, because after multiple repairs water is pouring inside and there is a great risk that the roof collapses.

This sort of things happen when you are at the starting point. The important thing is that children and adolescents were signed up to schools. This year there are over 100 of them under our care. Thank you to all the donors, both regular and occasional, for your help. It is truly invaluable, thanks to it a lot of young people have an access to education. In Cameroon only it is getting harder and harder to find a job due to increasing requirements of the employers. My dear, thank you all for the significant contribution that you brought into this project. Our graduates keep on giving private lessons in order to help the younger ones pass important exams, since school is very expensive and average family cannot afford it. Not to mention those who have no stable job. We embrace you with our gratitude and prayer.

Just like the school, the catechesis also started. To our joy this year we have a lot of those willing to receive the Sacraments, about 460 on our list so far. We still look to improve the formation of the catechists, the level of teaching is on the increase and both children and teenagers are very open. In that area we have received a great help from s. Piotra who came from Ngaoundere and conducts catechesis for the youth and formation for the catechists. This particular week she is taking interesting classes for our kids, who take part in them eagerly.

In the Month of the Rosary we pray the Rosary with children from our parish every day. The kids come in large numbers. The constant issue here is lack of responsibility for children. They learn really slowly.

In Cameroon these days fall in the time of increased caution as on the nearest Sunday there is going to be presidential election. We believe that the Queen of the Holy Rosary will watch over its course. Everybody is waiting for how the situation turns in the anglophone area, where the schools have been closed for years now, curfew is in force and people are not allowed to move freely. The problem is complex and of political nature and the victims are innocent people. We commend the whole country to your prayer.

My beloved ones I am sending sincere Christmas greetings today. May the joy of Jesus’birth bring to all of us new faith and gratitude for His priceless love towards each and every one. May He transform our hearts and fill them with His love. I am greeting you warmly and assure of my prayers for you.

s.Alina Sędzimir OP


Cracow, Christmas 2018

Out of faith and our hearts
We will build a stable
Mary will lay down her Child there
The star will shine in the sky
An Angel will announce peace
To the people on Earth
The Glory of God will rise
And we will sit there, listening…

Dear Friends of our Missions!

Christmas makes us bow over the mystery of God’s love towards human. We are not able to embrace the immensity of this love, to see the reality defeating us…

What can we do then? Delight, continuous marveling at this love of God!!! And this is what I would like to wish you the most for this amazing time… May it become a hymn of gratitude to our Savior for His mighty acts, thanks to which heaven is open to us!!!

God is coming… Let’s open our hearts to His love and let it be the motive behind all our actions.

Remembering in prayer and with deepest gratitude in my heart for your devotion to our Missions

Natalia Janik OP
mission clerk