Milk for babies in an orphanage in Kenya

March 29, 2018 // Uncategorized

We have received new messages from a children’s home in Nakuru and therefore we are sending you this message.



Hi All,

Everything is all right. Meanwhile I am writing this message, all our children are in schools. We are extremely grateful to you for your general support. We would like to thank all parents who finance kids education, transport and healthcare. However, in the last week almost every day we receive telephones asking for the possibility of accepting new children.


This is Anna. She was abondoned in hospital emergency and then saved by a hospital, when she was just 4 weeks old. She survived because she had a sucking reflex and she was able to cope well with a bottle of modified milk.

Not that long ago another child was abondoned, just after birth he was thrown into the latrine, where he was saved by a good man after a few days. He came straight to us after the hospital. We called him Asher. He has a deep incision on his throat, but we take him to the hospital every day. He’s about a month old and must be on modified milk for the next six months.

I want to thank you for your help and how it affects the lives of our children. God bless you all. I wish you all the best. Regina

In relation to what we read we would like to help our facility in the purchase of modified milk.

If you can buy it for babies – including two about which you read above- we will be requierd to donate to:



Fundacja Mają Przyszłość
PL 44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899;
Title: „mleko dla dzieci Afryki – darowizna”

or purchase cans in our store:

Big can 111 zł ( 2,5 kg )

Small can 40 zł ( 1 kg )

* In the picture one of the babies from his stay in the orphanage . Due to the protection of personal data, names can be changed.