Norbert already had his operation. Latest news – convalescence still uncertain.

Nrobert_jaktojestchodzicNorbert has recently had his operation. During the yesterday’s procedure everything went according to plan. The boy is back in his home and in the process of recovery. He was very brave!

As we heard from Norbert’s mom: ‘Norbert complains a bit, so we can see, he is in pain. He had 13 skin cuts. I am very satisfied with his stay and the care he was under during it. Everything was clearly explained to us as to what we should do and how we should care for Norbert and work with  him from now on. I already see an improvement in his right hand because it seems looser. He also has a cut on his face and I think he doesn’t drool anymore because of it – we are still carefully observing him. We got a questionnaire describing how we should observe his progress, so he will be always under my watchful eyes.’

Thank you all who so far supported our fundraising on SiePomaga website.

We still ask for your further support. Even 5 zł can make a great difference. Norbert after his operation needs convalescence and rehabilitation and we still lack money for the both of them. The cost of the operation including the consulation was higher than 11 000 zł and he still needs a special rehabilitation period which will help the boy regain his abilities after the operation.

Don’t let the operation, the cuts, Norbert’s pain and his suffering go to waste!

More details about Norbert in here on our website – KLIK

Norbert_rehabilitacja lipiec

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