Our pupil Norbert and hippotherapy – a letter from Mum

August 9, 2016 // News

2015-11-01 13.15.40Many children benefit from hippotherapy, but we received an e-mail from the mum of one of our pupils.
It is a big pleasure for us when we hear that Your help is worth so much, therefore we share the letter.

“Hello, thank you very much for helping finance Norbert’s hippotherapy.
Norbert has occasionally benefitted from hippotherapy since he was a child, but since August last year he has benefitted from this form of therapy systematically. He likes animals very much – he adores dogs. He was a bit afraid of horses at the beginning, but it was increasingly better over time. Norbert has a spastic form of cerebral palsy and problems with his hips – a horse’s walk is similar to a human’s – therefore allowing the child to feel correct walking reflexes – it is the most basic thing, besides that horse riding requires maintaining balance and a straight posture of the body axis – Norbert needs to be constantly reminded to keep his back straight, he also needs to hold on with his hands which is a challenge in case of his right hand and is not always successful. During a walk Norbert turns in every direction which is difficult while the horse is moving. Norbert likes these classes very much. Hippotherapy has a positive influence on Norbert – a different kind of exercises motivates him to maintain a correct body posture, the horse’s warmth relaxes leg muscles and improves his sense of balance. Hippotherapy also positively influenced his mental and emotional state. He has become quieter and calmer, he is angry less often (Norbert often gets angry, unfortunately his speech is not progressing, often we cannot understand each other despite using gestures – then he becomes very frustrated). We will continue hippotherapy, at the same time not neglecting the necessary traditional exercises, running track exercises as well as in the suit. At the moment, Norbert is on a trip – I am sending you pictures from hippotherapy classes on one of colder days. With best regards – Agnieszka Łysiak
The monthly cost of hippotherapy is 480 zł. If you would like to help us finance hippotherapy and other forms of Norbert’s therapy and rehabilitation, we provide the account number for donations:
Alior Bank PL 54 2490 0005 0000 4600 7569 4568
Transfer title: “help for Norbert Łysiak – donation”.
Children need therapy several times a week. It is difficult to organize actions and fund-raisers for everyone, every day.
In moments when relatively small expenses appear suddenly, it is more difficult to ask for help. Sometimes a “yes or no” decision is a matter of hours. In such cases, stable funds in the organization are very helpful. A 10-20 zł transfer set for a day of the month which is comfortable for the Donor. If you can set 20 zł as a stable monthly transfer “For the realisation of statutory goals – donation” – we will be immensely grateful to you. We use these funds in situations when organizing an action, fund-raiser or project is not an option and the matter is urgent or in situations when a lack of funds for smaller matters makes it impossible for us to collect or generate a bigger sum of money from our activities for the Pupils’ needs.
Information for regular transfer (it can be set on the bank account of any bank):

Have a Future Foundation
ul. Młyńska 45
62-070 Konarzewo
Alior Bank: 65 2490 0005 0000 4520 4418 9818
Transfer title: “donation for the realisation of statutory goals”
Sum of 10 – 15 – 20 zł (or depending on your decision)
/all donations can be subtracted in annual PIT/CIT tax returns/

We will even allow ourselves to request to write to us after 3-4 months if the lack of 10-20 zł is really noticeable. If at the end of the month you have thoughts “if I hadn’t donated, it would have been easier for me now” or “this sum does actually make a difference in the family budget”, “I regret” – I would really like to read whether it is so. Maybe. We do not know.
Definitely write to us how do you feel with a regular transfer: fundacja@majaprzyszlosc.org.pl

Perhaps you have an organisation which feels closer to your heart – helps animals or is active in environmental issues – set a regular transfer of 10 zł for them. It definitely won’t harm them :)