Sister Alina’s request for Adoption Parents

We publish a request from one of the missionaries with whom we have been cooperating for many years, also repeated in the news from the other institutions. It is difficult for her to ask, but reading the children’s letters, we understand where this need comes from.
We hope that Adoption Parents will also understand that the help children receive through the participation in the program is great and the additional suggestion of support may cause difficulties on the spot of in the life of a mentee who has a family around him and many other people in need and he is very emotionally connected to them.
As the package for Arthur from the adoptive family had recently arrived, he wrote back to the letter received. Unfortunately, the Adoption Family asked him what he needed. That’s why I was forced to ask Arthur to write another letter, because as each of these children and young people – our Arthur needed literally everything… It was not a letter anymore, but a list. My request for Apotion Families to not to ask students what they need in the letters. I am asking you most sincerely to ask us or the Foundation, because we know their needs. If the question is in the letter, the expectations arise – not only the child and his loved ones, it is basically the beginning of a concert of wishes – starting with shoes, clothes, TV, phone, laptop etc. Everything. It is This is the mentality here and that’s need to be accepted, although it is not easy to understand. However, providing them with many additional things has a destructive impact on the functioning of the whole Family. By learning they can achive everything what they want and do it all by themselves and by that they will respect it even more.  Thank you very much for the parcels sent to us in the recent period – exceptionally this time they came very quickly and we are sharing them between children.
Thank you! Best wishes, sister Alina.
As the Board and the Volunteers of the Foundation supporting the Heart Adoption, we join the request all the missionries and coordinators of adoption to keep correspondence with the children in a neutral tone. It can still be full of warmth, intimacy, curiosities, but non-binding for both parties.
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