Receiving Holy Communion and other sacraments in Yaounde

The worldwide pandemic paralyzed everyday life. The governments introduced mandatory restrictions, both in working days and holidays. However, we managed to prepare and carried out ceremonies in Yaounde, where the youth had been preparing for months. Baptism, Holy Communions, Confirmations took place in one day.

Albert, Armand, Theodore, Raphaella, Angeline, Odette, Blondine, and other children decided to receive the sacraments. Despite wearing masks and among other limitations, they did it with great joy!

Congratulations to all pupils from Yaounde!

We are happy that despite the restrictions and this year’s world turned upside down, we managed to do some things.

We’re also sending big thanks Sr. Alina and Pr. Piotr for preparing the children for the sacraments!



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