September – back to school! News from Africa.

After more than 2 years of limited news, a wonderful September has arrived. There are pictures! We have letters from 2020-2021, and fantastic news has arrived, which we always look forward to so much, like news of our own children or cousins ;)

Junior and Armand got into motor mechanics and are studying diligently from 8am to 5pm, Ivy has her final year and exams left,

Yasmine has decided to learn sewing at Neighbours of the Mission and is baaaally happy, Rosine has passed her first year and will continue with year 2 from October, William has started his second year of formation. He was in school until the end of September and now has another apprenticeship, then a February/March defence and then a final exam in hotel studies.
Theophile similarly – he is finishing his apprenticeship this week and has preparation for his defence and exams. Victorien has followed in their footsteps, as tourism is back in favour and there will be work in this profession.

Marie Ange is staying with her aunt until the end of her training, and has an exam and defence this week, followed by another internship at the hospital and a state exam. She is proud of herself because she has passed the exams so far beautifully.

And so endlessly, again, something about each one, often a letter or a current photo. Joseph and Steve …. Daisy, Kevin, Ramsey, Esther… Prasamsa, Saroj, Koshika… and many, many others. HELLO SCHOOL, COLLEGE!

Back to regular news for our patient Parents in Adoption of the Heart Programme!

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