Spring changes for Nikodem

lazienka-wanna-grzejnik-NIkodem-fundacja_maja-przyszloscAfter the traumatic events of the years 2012-13, when we met Nikodem and the Brides, as well as the companies and inhabitants of Wrocław helped him, more peaceful days have
come. Nikoś’s mother is still fighting for every single good day, however. Nikodem’s autism causes him to react much more strongly to the environment and to people, but also to sounds.
The noise made by water and Nikoś’s panic made evening showers difficult, and the fact that he’s growing and was becoming stronger and more impulsive meant that the bathroom was not a safe place for him. In order to make days and evenings less difficult, we used the last remaining funds from the action Brides 2013 to adapt the home’s bathroom to his needs.

Thanks to the changes to the hydraulic an electrical systems and the installation of a heater and a bathtub, the bathroom is no longer a cold, loud and terrifying place, and thpanny-mlode-2013-nikodem-wroclawe changes in Nikoś’s behaviour, also towards his mother, are immediately noticeable. This spring with Your help we made another step so that a difficult illness does not threaten the life and safety, and so that Parent and Child can enjoy washing during the day as well as the evening bath, and relax before the night in order to regenerate the body. Once again – thank you. Almost 3 years later, the funds collected for Nikoś are still helping him. That is why every edition of the action is so important. We’re inviting you to the next one in 2017 ;)


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