Ola went to kindergarten – a story of a little girl…

March 8, 2013 // News

On the occasion of the International Women’s Day we try to help this little woman – 17- months old Ola.

When looking at smiling Ola’s photos nobody would guess how seriously ill she is. Moreover, nor she is conscious of how serious it is. And she is only 17- months old now.

A discerning observer, however, will notice Ola’s physical retardation but this physical sphere is only the beginning of her problems. A spina bifida is the cause of Ola’s troubles.

Ola cannot move her legs because she was born affected by the spina bifida (also known as a myelomeningocele of the thoracic – lumbar curve). This defect is accompanied by the hydrocephalus, neurogenic bladder and, what is the most worrying thing, the scoliosis, despite regular exercises since Ola was 2- months old.

Three serious operations, including two that in fact saved Ola’s life: closure of the myelomeningocele, inserting of the ventriculi – abdominal shunt and spinal cord untethering operation were also a great burden for little Ola.

Every child deserves a happy childhood whereas Ola’s life is mainly made of an arduous rehabilitation following NDT-Bobath and Vojta methods, seven days per week. These exercises done everyday are accompanied by Ola’s tears. Ola’s rehabilitation is not about to end in a year or two but is going to be necessary for Ola’s whole life.


You can also check her website.