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Information on Tanzania

In July 2012 a missionary sister who works in a missionary outpost run by Franciscan sisters of Penance and Christian Charity contacted our Foundation.

The mission in Tanzania is in a dramatic situation. The mission is run by Franciscan sisters from Tanzania along with one missionary sister from Poland – sister Rut who joined the mission in May 2011.

The Sisters work 7 days a week in the missionary outpost – at the help center Mji wa Huruma (City of Mercy) created by the Tanzanian priest Biseko.

He gathered in the place people in need, ill people (also mentally ill), people in extreme poverty. At the moment there are about 80 people living at this outpost, including 15 children aged from 1 to 15 years old.

For them, the adoption program is a matter of life. The outpost is not an official health center and this is why it is not financed in any way by the government of Tanzania and it is run strictly by donations.

That is why, as an exception, in case of this outpost, we included the cost of breakfast in the adoption fee. The 300 USD of the yearly adoption fee includes a yearly cost of everyday breakfast which is comprised of a nutritious roll/doughnut made of corn flour and yeast and a glass of juice or lemonade to add vitamins to the children’s diet.

The situation in Tanzania is exceptional. The children from the village where the missionary outpost is located can be adopted if we find 15 guardians for the children that are at the outpost. They do not even have a basic care due to the of lack of money at the outpost.

We are trying to help them in the first place.

Please read The Adoption of the Heart page. You can find there important information on payment dates, the adoption itself, possibility of correspondence with a child and other details.

If you have decided to become a Parent or if you haven’t found the information you require on our pages – please contact us on: adopcja@majaprzyszlosc.org.pl