Thanks to creation of the Public Benefit Organisation (OPP) you can give 1% of your annual income tax to our Children.

Give your 1% – it does not cost anything!

1% = 100%

1% of your annual income tax is directly (in 100%) transferred for our Children and for the realisation of our statutory objectives, namely public benefit activities.

Maja Przyszlosc Foundation carries on a public benefit activity. However, we still are not having a Public Benefit Organisation (OPP) statute.
Anyway, we are able to collect 1% of your annual income tax. Using this income we can pay all needs of our Children via another organisation uniting foundations and associations into the Public Benefit Organisation (OPP Group), namely the organisations acting for the public benefit.

The whole of the income given to the sub-account in this organisation is to be entirely given for our Children, what is the realisation of public benefit activities.

Thanks to that also our Children have the opportunity to profit from this 1% and do not lose the chance given by the legislator in the tax field.

In order to give your 1% for our Children please fill in your annual income tax report (PIT) according to the following guidelines:

Legal Register of Companies (KRS): 000338389

Detailed purpose: 10072 – (OPP GROUP) – Maja Przyszlosc Foundation


Only for companies registered in Poland.

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