The construction of a children’s home started in Nakuru

The history of constructing children’s home in Kenia reaches back to 2016, when we visited the place for the first time and met the people living in this incredible house. The rough time around the land for construction is over now, we also signed a long-term agreement for the purpose of the building, which will eventually be established in Nakuru.

Thanks to the action @Kilometry Dobra in 2016 and @The Colour Run 2016, as well as donations covering those, we managed to line out a building and installation project and consult it with architects in Kenya and Poland so that it meets both technical standards and standards for
childcare, while maintaining the lowest possible construction costs.
In November we were able to send a tranche of funds to start an actual construction of a children’s  home ;) Now everything is in the hands of our Donors – those whom we try to reach with our appeal    and those, whom our appeal finds and does’t leave indifferent ;)

First thing was to clear and demarcate the area, delivery of first materials, building headquarters for the time of the construction – intended for the workers and storage of materials.
On the occasion of launching the construction we go back to the very beginning – the premiere of the movie about joint actions from June 5, 2016.
We invite you to watch the movie in the link below and to read about how it all started, including the troubles with the land.


Fundacja Mają Przyszłość, ul. Młyńska 45, 62-070 Konarzewo
Alior Bank PL 44 2490 0005 0000 4600 3246 9899
Title of the transfer: „dom dziecka w Kenii – darowizna”

Account in EURO: PL69 2490 0005 0000 4600 1195 6471

Thank you on my behalf and on behalf of the Council, the
Volunteers and the Children

Agnieszka K.Zywert
President of the Foundation and its Volunteer

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