Trojmiasto Brides for Kacper

May 21, 2013 // News, Press

Kacper suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy. It is the most serious kind of the muscular dystrophy. Only boys are affected by this rare genetic disease. There is no remedy for this disease. Muscular dystrophy is progressing from the day of birth until the premature death caused by respiratory difficulties. It may happen even before the patient is 20…
Parents of boys affected by this painful disease hope that the advanced research, carried on the whole world and also in Poland, may result in the creation of a remedy that will be able to help these patients.
However, it is essential to be in form at this moment. In order to keep Kacper in form, he needs a permanent rehabilitation that will help him to survive until this giving a chance for longer life remedy is invented.
Members of this outstanding Charity Action aim to write this happy ending for Kacper. Through the great fun, sponsorship, positive Public Relation and advertisement, Creative Brides will give Kacper, our new Child in the Foundation, a chance for a life.

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