Urgent: Blankets and beddings for African children

March 30, 2013 // News

We are starting an urgent Spring campaign for children!


It’s Easter, and it’s snowing…

But equipped with a cup of tea, coach and a warm blanket we easily forget about the cold outside…

But for some people it is not that easy. Because they don’t have a blanket. They are cold. Their weakened body is attacked by malaria. And it wins.

They sleep on beds made of grass, straw, branches, on bare earth, with only some clothes under their heads.

Children in Africa.

Let’s make an Easter gift for them children – you can help to keep them warm!

Here are the details: http://haveafuture.org/blanket-to-keep-kids-warm/

You can also invite your Facebook friends to take part in our campaign!

Sleeping place in Northern Zambia

Sleeping place in Kigera Etuma