Waiting For Your Help

What is the Adoption of the Heart in the Foundation Have a Future?
For 3-4 $ per day you can provide a child with a peaceful day of studying and development at large, also in particular establishments we cooperate with for this money you will also provide a meal, milk and vitamins, as we know a hungry child won’t learn a thing. We don’t relieve the establishments and parents of all duties – this is not what help is about. We sometimes do send the apt children to the boarding schools – especially orphans or pupils from high schools, if there’s no secondary school nearby, and a child has passed final exams. There is no need here to become a permanent Parent – you can be an Aunt, Grandma, Uncle or Grandpa (here you will find details on one-off help). We do not mediate in natural adoption and we do not help in bringing children from Africa to Poland. It is against what we believe. African countries have very good high and secondary schools, which provide a sufficient level to gain education and later on – be of help to the local community and one’s own family. We want African people to become partners in our projects over time, not only beneficiaries. In the children’s house in Kenya, which is now being built, there are children in need for a little bit more financial support from Adopting Parents. They are being looked after by the foster family who set up the establishment. The majority of the children are disabled which additionally increases the expenses on school (transport or special schools), livelihood, treatment, nutrition. Some of the high school and college students also require more funds – for them we are trying to find a few Parents in order to cut down the liability.

 If you can become a caretaker in the Adoption of the Heart, BEFORE YOU CONTACT US, it is recommended that you get familiar with the
terms and conditions of the Adoption of the Heart program and check the way we run it – FAQ HERE

We receive dozens of e-mails daily, and the program is run by the volunteers. That being so we are not always accessible via e-mail. We have to divide our time also into our professions, duties and families which need us.

Two essential pieces of information:
1. For the time being most of the children of our facilities in 6 countries have their caretakers declared theoretically. The list of the children without caretakers is updated on a regular basis below. Due to incomplete payments in  years 2014-2018 some of them have considerable  arrears. We are doing our best to identify reasons for such situations, but it is a hard thing to do, considering fully voluntary participation of the parent in the adoption program, therefore we appeal to your consideration. If the adoption is to be finished, we contact those who issued the adopting requests via e-mail. We therefore ask those aware of the commitment and responsibility for a child to submit (via e-mail) their readiness to take under care a kid with an unsettled financial situation – at the moment we speak of the arrears reaching back to 2014-2018.
2. Children are financed by the foundation’s resources in advance – from the day they joined the program. The missionary needs them regularly, starting with the beginning of the school year (in January or September) according to the expenses. The necessity to cover a child financially does not appear when the new Adopting Parent claims their interest. If you want to contact us, we recommend that you make sure that it is possible to adopt a child with a specific arrear. This way of carrying out the program kept it working for so many years without the necessity to remove children with arrears from schools. In those financial problems we are kindly supported by our lovely “one-off” Donors of the “Become a Grandma, Grandpa, an Aunt…” program.

The children who were left alone with arrears by their former Parents (under a threat of being expelled from the program and from schools) can be adopted fully or the on-off terms. It would give them a blank slate and an opportunity to have a permanent Parent when the new year begins. There are hundreds of children included in the program, hence a dozen to several dozens underpayments annually.

The bank account for the arrears:

65 2490 0005 0000 4520 4418 9818 (polski złoty)
or  69 2490 0005 0000 4600 1195 6471 (EUR).
Title: „name and surname of the child and the following – one-time payment of arrears – donation”

It is fundamentl to contact us before donating. We will thus confirm the current balance and give the name of a child to be quoted in the title of the transfer. Thank you for your help in keeping the program running and letting children attend schools.


If you want to help a particular child first go to the website www.majaprzyszlosc.org.pl/adopcja-serca
and then contact us: adopcja@majaprzyszlosc.org.pl