Wardrobes in The Orphanage – next stage in the interior. Good Christmas news from Nakuru

December 25, 2020 // News

You built the orphanage in Kenya. You took care of children’s safety – physical and financial
because the rent times for premises came to an end. The rent effectively reduced the monthly

Now we provided for a bit of cleanliness and comfort together.

Most of the things were on the ground for many months, including those for little ones. It was
hard to furnish the rooms. Therefore the recesses were the cheapest and the most comprehensive
solution to implement. We succeeded in mounting them this year, and children now have their
wardrobes in the rooms – both boys and girls!

Although we still don’t have enough funds for the final invoice( we need almost PLN 1900), but
an excellent assembly staff mounted the whole thing. We invite you to Nakuru – before the
mounting wardrobes and after that.

In children’s rooms(girls, boys, and babies) were cardboard boxes, and in the other parts of
rooms, the most needed current things were stored:

The total cost of three wardrobes estimated at around USD 1200(ca. PLN 1600 for each closet).

During this Christmas time, we thank each person very warmly who has helped us to
implement this part of the activities in Nakuru this year. We are almost at the end of work
on this project, thanks to you. You have become part of it!

Or if you haven’t had a chance to help you with building a safe house – it isn’t too late for help.
The details about the construction you will find here: The Orphanage – Nakuru – CLICK

These are not super toys, fashionable clothes, electronics, and gadgets, but it is a very valued
Installation of closets and the current state are in the film and photos below – with gratitude from
the Foundation and residents of the orphanage;)