We are visiting our Pupils in Cameroon

January 27, 2019 // News

At the turn of January and February we visit Cameroon. In 17 days we will visit both institutions where our students are, as well as several missionary centers located on the route from Yaoundé to Garoua Boulai, which are separated by over 600 km.

Cameroon is known as “little Africa” because the diversity of the country in terms of its natural environment is an overview of all of the zones on the continent – from savannah to rainforests. We have planned visits to few places either important for the Cameroonians or important from the humanitarian aid point of view.

In the agenda there are meetings with each Pupil, preparation of materials for Adoptive Parents and joint celebration of Youth Days on February 11. There will be an opportunity to see the interiors of the institutions, hospitals, houses, have a look into the Cameroonian pot and see the surroundings: reservations, celebrations. In addition to photos on Facebook, films from the trip will also be published We don’t have a trip to the north of the country in our plans, because of the ongoing war in this region and the establishment of Ambazonia.

All details of the trip you can find on our blog:

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We invite you and keep our fingers crossed for a safe trip and return.