What’s new with Wiktoria?

SONY DSCWiktoria has been our Pupil since 2009. During the first five years of her life she went through several serious surgeries related to oesophageal atresia. Despite many efforts, the issues have still not been eliminated. She is underweight, which, unfortunately, is characteristic for children with an oesophagus defect. The food she receives is still very fragmented, but she already reaches for bigger pieces herself – she needs to be reminded to drink often afterwards. Furthermore, in March 2015 Wiktoria has been diagnosed with atypical autism. Since September Wiki went to the first integrated class of primary school. However, she was feeling uncomfortable in a class of 16 children, therefore individual education and partial exclusion from the programme of functioning in a group was recommended. Meanwhile, Wiktoria fell ill with double-sided pneumonia and spent three weeks in the hospital. After returning home, the parents decided the school had to be changed. Since 1st February Wika will attend Primary School no. 68, in a therapeutic class of 4 pupils for children with autism. During the week, Wiki’s class is included in the integrated class for music, arts and religion lessons. Besides that, they also spend all the school ceremonies, trips and swimming pool lessons with the children from the integrated class. Despite early problems, Wiki has been improving in speaking! She constructs correct sentences of 3-6 words, but needs to be motivated to speak. She says short expressions by herself. She does the least well in a group of children: she avoids contact, but watches and learns a lot from them. Wiktoria still needs specialized help in rehabilitation, in particular speech, music and writing therapy.
If you want to help, we provide the account number for donations regarding this charity collection:  Alior Bank PL 54 2490 0005 0000 4600 7569 4568 Transfer title: ”pomoc dla Wiktorii Wiśniewskiej – darowizna

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