We support the entrepreneurship of our students. 2018

January 5, 2018 // Uncategorized

In 2018 we are starting with a new cycle of help. Our currents programs work very well – “Adoption of the Heart”, “Student Adoption”, “Become a Grandma, Granpa, Aunt”, “Feeding”, “Bedding and blankets”, “Pajamas for children from Africa”. That’s why we have decided to introduce a new project this year. However, this time we would like to support the entrepreneurship of some of our students who have an idea and opportunity to earn on themselves and also make money to support their families, with the little commitment to the beginning.

Not every one of our donors is looking for long-term commitments like Adoption Progtam, not everyone wants to help small children. It is also worth appreciating those ones who spent many years on studying, had good results but at some point they don’t want to use help anymore.

Sometimes, however, a small additional boost is needed to make financial independence possible. Since 2012 have occasionally conducted similar projects assistance projects. From 2018 we wil try to do it more regularly, together with you.

We invite you on this journey through different professions and activities. Together, we will help those who for many years prove that despite the difficulties that are sometimes abstract for us (eg. no schoold nearby, communication eveen up to 30-40 km from home, walking to water 3-10 km every day, lack of support of loved ones and lack of understanding of the nees for education) – getting an education and a profession is possible.


Contact: afryka@majaprzyszlosc.org.pl or adopcja@majaprzyszlosc.org.pl