Become Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle or Aunt!

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he, who did nothing, because he could do only a little.”
Edmund Burke

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Join the “Adoption Family!”

Due to the lack of funds for children, some of them have arrears.
We are trying to identify the reasons for such situations when the payments are withheld for more than a year, but it is a hard thing to do, considering fully voluntary participation of the parent in the adoption program. We understand requests to prolong deadlines, but not always it is possible to wait a year or more.

If the adoption is to be finished and we are informed about it, we start to look for new caretakers immediately or we assign children to those waiting in order.

We therefore ask those aware of the commitment and responsibility for a child to submit (via e-mail) their readiness to take under care a kid with an unsettled financial situation – at the moment we speak of the arrears reaching back to all the years kids spend in our support programme.

Children from Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya, Angola as well as from Angla and Bolivia are financed by the foundation’s resources in advance – from the day they joined the program. The missionary needs them regularly, starting with the beginning of the school year (in January or September) according to the expenses. Therefore in order for the program to run, it is necessary that the Caretaker (when a child already has one) refinances the costs already incurred, even if the admission to the program took place later or in the middle of the year. The expenses on education and care of a child are not reset when the new Caretaker takes over. The child’s balance is present all the way through the program.

There are a lot of people willing to adopt for years, yet not being able to refinance the arrears, hence we do our best to meet the expectations of those – you can become a Grandma, Grandpa, an Uncle or an Aunt!

Cover a single arrear of a particular child so as it gains a blank slate together with a chance to have a new Parent. ;)

In case of failing to find a new caretaker and to pay the arrears we will have to inform the child and its family about the necessity to leave the program.

All help counts. Each form of help is welcome here. ;)
Thank you for helping children!

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Below you can find a list of children for adoption and of those with arrears
(updated on a regular basis; the figures are on the website):

Urgent support needed – click here to meet the kids


Credit for the graphics for the program „Become a member of the Adopting Family”: Daria Janiak – Nowak

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