How can I help?

The Foundation has been created to help the children. Your support makes all the differnce.

We are unlike other charities because we help children regardless of their place of residence and origin.

The Foundation takes care of ill and disabled children in Poland who need support, but at the same time we help the extremely poor and hungry children from Africa and Asia who do not have access to universal education.

Why do we help both groups? Because we believe that all kids can have a bright future. They just need our support to fight adversities.

We support education and providing food to little children in Africa by running educational program Adoption of the Heart that includes school fees, school meals, water – in Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal, Uganda, Bolivia, but we are also building schools and orphanages.

For the children in Poland we organize charity events, money collections and charity campaigns of a wider range.
href=””>children who participate in our programs.

Charity campaign The Brides – more on the campaign here, and on the website:

We apologize that our English website is not always up to date. Please have a look at to have an idea about our current activities. You will find there a fire engine and fire station we are opening in Butiama,Tanzania; a school being build in Namanga or building an orphanage in Nakuru, Kenya. For more information about the program Adoption of the Heart please click here or send us an email with your questions.

Donations are welcome – products or services which we could sell or put into auctions for the benefit of our children.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly at:

Some students from primary and secondary school struggle due unpaid school fees that were accepted at first by Adoption Parents but for some reasons not always actually paid. You can always support our children in Adoption Educational Programme, by one-time or occasional donation.

In December 2019 we urgently needed support for 9 secondary students and 2 college girls Marie and Therese from Cameroon to be able to keep them at school. Each boy needs 250 EUR support and each girl is missing 400 EUR. All support given via this website will be used to support this group. These are wonderful kids but without your support, we’re unable to provide further education for them.
If you decide to support any of them, please let us know about it by sending an email. We would like to have a chance to say thank you or provide a photo or letter from a student.

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Alphonse, Mathieu, Rene, Alexis, Emmanuel, Ibrahim, Patrick   – 7 boys out of 9 above and 2 college girls still waiting!

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