Maks i Michał – 100% of sweetness. Supported by your 1% of tax. Thank you!

Our two sweetest pupils – diabetic Maks and Michał – regularly use the support provided…

czytaj więcej | 2019-05-01
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Help for Małgosia Borowska in rehabilitation

W’ve been supporting Małgosia Borowska, or rather – her mother, who fights for Małgosia’s better…

czytaj więcej | 2019-02-10
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We are visiting our Pupils in Cameroon

At the turn of January and February we visit Cameroon. In 17 days we will…

czytaj więcej | 2019-01-27
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Drawstring backpacks for children from school in Namanga

A few months ago we heard from Ms. Ursula, who’s in charge of a group…

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Information on funds coming from 1% for 2017

Being entrusted by another person is a very rewarding and obliging feeling. We feel all…

czytaj więcej | 2018-12-29
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Missionary wishes for Christmas 2018

The followings are a few words from the missionaries and the clerks to our Donors…

czytaj więcej | 2018-12-25
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Wishes to You

Warmth, health and… We wish you Merry Christmas, prosperity, hope, your own piece of heaven,…

czytaj więcej | 2018-12-24
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The construction of a children’s home started in Nakuru

The history of constructing children’s home in Kenia reaches back to 2016, when we visited…

czytaj więcej | 2018-12-21
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Razem Łatwiej – Parent’s Club of Autistic Children

We are extremely happy when the parents of children with disabilities do not wait passively…

czytaj więcej | 2018-12-20
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The IIIrd stage of the expansion of the school in Namaga

Despite of scarcity of resources (there is still about PLN 14 000 missing), the work…

czytaj więcej | 2018-12-18

Sewing machines for Ines and Natacha. We support entrepreneurship.

In 2012 two girls joined to our programme. They were only a few years old…

czytaj więcej | 2018-04-23

Milk for babies in an orphanage in Kenya

We have received new messages from a children’s home in Nakuru and therefore we are…

czytaj więcej | 2018-03-29

Bertrand will have a job thanks to you? We support entrepreneurship.

Bertrand visited sister Alina. He is a graduate from the bricklayer-welder’s high school. As a…

czytaj więcej | 2018-01-20

William will graduate with the support of Mrs. Anna

William is a studen in Cameroon. He was supposed to defend this year but he…

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We support the entrepreneurship of our students. 2018

In 2018 we are starting with a new cycle of help. Our currents programs work…

czytaj więcej | 2018-01-05

Sister Alina’s request for Adoption Parents

We publish a request from one of the missionaries with whom we have been cooperating…

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Satiated Christmas 2017 – that no one would be hungry

Last year, the children got rice and meat! Traditionally, at this time, we would like…

czytaj więcej | 2017-11-25

Building of a school in Namanga – phase 2

We are passing the year 2017 slowly and the situation has become difficult. The number…

czytaj więcej | 2017-10-20