David and his university diploma…. In a suit for the first time in his life

Diploma defense is one of the important steps into adulthood and independence. For some, it is the first official exam, which requires a special outfit. Worse when the outfit is lacking…. One of our students defended his degree beautifully. He received very high marks in the exams and at the final diploma exam of which we congratulate him.
On that day, the smile did not leave his face also for another reason – for the first time in his life he put on a jacket and was as happy as a child. For this purchase he received financial support, because, like any mandatory “uniform” – is funded under the Adoption of the Heart program. Contrary to popular opinion – for our students, appearance also matters, especially in high school and college. After the defense, it’s time for celebrations and celebrations with classmates and loved ones.Fantastic results also deserved a reward – his university had a job to offer at a state-owned company for the brightest. It was David who was offered to submit documents there to obtain stable employment – work for state companies is considered the most secure, solvent and least likely to change.We would like to thank the Adoptive Parents for their support – including, in particular, Mr. Paweł and the contributors to the Student Adoption.

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