The Brides – a charity campaign

Our Foundation acts for the benefit of ill and handicapped children in Poland. We are focused on events and media campaigns, public collections and getting sponsors to support our one-time events.

The main form of the Foundation’s activity is the charity campaign “The Brides taking over the City for an ill child”. This is a 100% charity campaign. None of our Partners, Cooperating Companies, Participants or Organizers get remuneration for help in the Campaign. In the year 2012 the Beneficiary of our Campaign is 7 year-old Miłosz Bronisz. The money collected from the Campaign will cover the costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation and the purchase of a special wheelchair.
This year’s Campaign is run based on the public collection agreement of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs and Administration (see below).

To support this year’s campaign you can voluntarily donate the money for Miłosz until 31 December 2012. We have created a special bank account for Miłosz:
Alior Bank PL 12 2490 0005 0000 4600 9975 6465. You can also donate the money through the site SiePomaga – link to SiePomaga, and through our auctions.
All forms of help become available as of 26 August 2012, as of the day of the photo shooting session in Poznań.
You can find our moving and full of joy film from the 2012 edition on our YouTube account – HaveAFutureOrg.

The Brides is an exceptional charity photo shoot session. Tens of Brides in white lace and satin pose for pictures in well known places in the city of Poznan and for sponsored shots.

Social responsibility of business is not a new subject. A small percentage of big companies and corporations have their own foundations, support local and worldwide charitable organizations or run social programs. The Brides campaign is an open proposal for those Companies that are willing to engage, but they can give only some amount of money without costly investments in changes of their organizational structures.

The Brides Campaign is a chance for the conscious entrepreneurs. It is a unique opportunity to get exceptional materials from the photo shoot sessions to use them for your marketing goals, just for donating given amount of money for the medical treatment of the child in a given edition.

It is at the same time a possibility to show that your business is a step ahead of others, that it belongs to a group of companies that are conscious socially, but also economically because supporting charity campaigns by entrepreneurs brings long term benefits which will soon alleviate short term costs.

Our Campaign is a great opportunity for the Brides to wear their most beautiful outfit once again and in white lace and satin have fun with us supporting at the same time a Child in need. It is an opportunity for patrons and Entrepreneurs to become recognizable because periodically there is a lot of media buzz about the Brides Campaign…

From a shy idea we have created a common work of the Foundation, many companies, institutions and individuals.

WE INVITE YOU to take part in our charity fun!

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