Primary School in Namanga, Tanzania.

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We have completed the main construction and building of the school, which lasted since 2017.
Due to the expansion of the school, the graduation of children and going up with classes – the expansion is continued within the funds being donated.
You will find the stages of construction in the links below.



Students from Namang applaud the Donors who help make their dreams about the school come true :)

Emmanuel, the current director of the Green Eden school, is motivated to the limit in order to improve the learning conditions for children. Education is for him like water – it is the basis of life. He is not only the headmaster but also the founder of the school, besides which he also organizes, administrates, manages and teaches in it. A devoted teacher with passion. With every day he tries to improve the lives of his pupils, but the overwhelming poverty continues to make this difficult. For quite a long time, he persistently searched the Internet for an organization that would be able to help him in his struggle. He did not ask for help from scratch, he did not want to just receive without the participation of his own. Together with the local community, he started to create this school a few years ago. He wants to give children the proverbial fishing rod – education, not the fish…..

2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-04989POZNAŃ, POLAND, September 2015

Volunteers of the Foundation are preparing for the January trip to Africa. They are there to check the progress of previous projects for which the Foundation’s Donors have donated money. That’s when the Foundation receives an e-mail from Emmanuel, director and founder of one of the schools in Tanzania, asking for help in building two classrooms for 153 children.  He told us in a few sentences about his mission and about what education and his institution are for him. First, however, he described his difficult origins and principles of the school’s functioning.

2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-04873Although we are formally a private school, we do not charge any tuition fees from our students. We invite children of all religions and from different tribal backgrounds. In Green Eden, we are obliged to provide education opportunities for poor, orphaned and defenseless children from Namanga, because education, just like water and food, is the basis of life! 2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-04929

More information about our students and classes: in our two Baby classes (age: 4 years) there are 62 pupils who must fit in one small room. In our pre-school group (age: 5 years) there are 27 children in one tiny room, just like in the Pre-Unit group (age: 6 years), there are 32 children learning basically in the corridor. For grades 1-3 of primary school, we do not have classes at all anymore. They have one room, and they are children who are already 7, 8 and 9 years old. Every January is a tragedy for us, because the local community sees hope in us and asks to accept their children, and we do not have any more means to do that…

2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-05001Our small

classrooms are overcrowded, and these are not good conditions for children to absorb knowledge. We started building two new classrooms to make it less crowded. Total cost of the project is about 12,500 USD and we are still struggling with it, and January next year will be a new challenge.

We met with the Namanga community to ask for support in building these classrooms. Namanga, like many small towns and villages in Tanzania, is poor. This year there was no rain in our area, which is a big burden for people. However, there are many good people here in Namanga, who have a great desire to help in a way that is possible for them. Community members agreed to help, by providing labor to dig up the foundations and prepare the construction to the ground level. Our possibilities end here without the help of good people ..

NAMANGA, TANZANIA, January 2016 2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-04939

The travel schedule has been changed and adjusted to find time also for Emmanuel. 

Agnieszka – a volunteer of the Have a Future Foundation, mother of 2 girls, a PR agent and marketer in one, is already on location and looks at the situation closely. Everything he had said was true. On location, absolutely all information from previous correspondence has been confirmed.

The school is attended by children of all religions and from different tribal backgrounds (!) 34 of them had been orphaned, 72 – have only one parent, and 43 – both parents. They all come from very poor families who are in a difficult life situation.


Green Eden turned out to be not only a school but also an intertribal community, which set itself a goal to educate local children in order to give them a better start for the future.  A perfect example of this was a fluent conversation of students in English. It would not be surprising if it were not for the fact that these children only attend the 3rd grade! They can already talk about what they do, what they like and answer questions in complete, grammatically correct sentences. This does not happen often, even in prestigious schools! And certainly not in African conditions, no matter if we are talking about private or public schools :)

natalia-buduje-szkole-w-namanga_02There is also Agnieszka’s then 10-year-old daughter, Natalia. Despite high sensitivity, it is her first opportunity to see a school in Africa and get to know the children.

She drinks porridge (uji) with them, plays games, lets them touch her skin, pull on her blond ponytails. There are questions about whether you can choose a place, a family where a person will be born, how much does fate determine in what conditions and in what place in the world we live? Natalia decides to record a film to show her peers what the school is like, the children’s lives, the classes and the help in building the school. After returning, there are also many questions about how we can put the world back together differently…?

See the school through the eyes of 10-year-old Natalia:

2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-121711 POZNAŃ, POLAND, March-Nov 2016

After the return, an unanimous decision was made – WE WILL HELP! Data analysis, cost estimate, division of labour, many e-mails and telephones … The Foundation was hard at work and for several months we verified the needs, discussed the possibilities, consulted all the collected material. We have created the “Green Eden Namangaproject.2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-04849

We want to raise funds for the construction of new rooms to be used as classrooms in the existing school. The school is currently located in old buildings (formerly a residential house) and in new buildings currently being built. Old buildings are already ruined in a large part, and in addition, the number of children attending school no longer fits in them. Let us give children the opportunity to continue their education and improve their comfort in such an important process of gaining knowledge. It takes more than twenty-three million … Tanzanian shillings, about 41,000 PLN. We are full of faith that we will succeed because we have already successfully completed the renovation of the kindergarten in Tanzania.


All students of the Green Eden school expect further news from Poland with great excitement, and also great anxiety. A fundraiser has just been launched through the ‘ portal and Some donations have been made directly to the foundation bank account.

Will we show what we can do? Will Emmanuel tell his students: “it worked People care about you”?

Natalka and the pupils who have been drawing for the Donors for several weeks also believe in building this school:
namanga-rysunki-dzieci-drawings-nagrody_img_20160926_1201121 2016-nyamnaga-green-eden-school-06399

The end of this story is to be written by US.
And also by you.

Let’s write it here:

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Agnieszka, Natalia, Emmanuel, Kids and Teachers of Green Eden & the Foundation Team.


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